Leggings - thought I'd never see the day!

Well, we're getting into the spirit of things here and yesterday I went shopping at the nearby running shop. I went in to buy some trackie bottoms to replace the mud green ones I picked up cheap in January when I got started... and I vowed that I wouldn't even consider the clingy legging things... but then I got in, and there were arrays of shiny, neon, superhero tights, and I cracked. The first pair I tried on I literally couldn't get over my thighs... the next pair: the ones for me. Not only did I buy them, even though I look like a buffalo in them, I also bought a bright purple t-shirt with "FAST" written on the front. I hope other people appreciate the irony of it as much as me! Not quite sure what got into me but when I went running in them this morning it did feel quite comfortable. A little like wearing a "bottom bra", if you know what I mean! Has this happened to other people? Like, suddenly you want to feel like a runner and have stopped caring about how ridiculous you might look? I comfort myself with the knowledge that I barely know anyone where I live, so embarassment potential is low...

Anyway, dug myself out of bed for W7R2 today - it was slooooow, like 3.8km slow. I'm not sure where that extra km is going to come from over the next fortnight, but I suppose I just have to keep going. It feels like I'm going a lot slower than I was on my first take at W7, but I'm just please to be still in the game.


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20 Replies

  • The clingy leggings are far more comfortable to run in, I think. I've still got wobbly thighs but I think the leggings hold everything in a bit ! And I actually don't worry that much what people think any more - I feel so much more confident that I just smile and nod to anyone I see while I'm out running so they probably notice the fact that I'm clearly a mad-woman more than the fact that I'm a bit wobbly. And if they're offended by my wobbliness then their opinion just isn't worth worrying about. No, I really don't care if one or two people think I look ridiculous - I'm starting to feel like a runner, I'm living the dream ;-) !!!!

    Don't wear pants on the outside of your superhero tights though - that would be taking it too far.....

  • lol i wear shorts over them because mine has a habit of falling down,

    I nod or wave or if i have energy i talking to passer by :)

  • Know what you mean about the bottom bra, I too swore never to wear those clingy clothes but I bought some too!! and a banana yellow running top! (I am a G cup!!!!) but I dont care what people think!! So do what you like as life is too short to worry about what others think (can you tell I am approaching 50?) Well done and keep going xxxx

  • I bought the running leggings as well, in a vain hope of looking like I am a "proper" runner haha! I got the ones with a little skirt at the top so my bum is concealed as well! I try and smile and nod to passers by - dog walkers look at me like I'm crazy but cyclists and other runners seem genuinely nice when they acknowledge me (as if in yes we are mad too!) :-)

  • Running leggings are the best!

    I dared myself into them a while ago and whilst I still slightly doubt the Max Wall look they are unbeatable for comfort and lovely and warm in the winter.

    That's a great post though!

  • Agree with you 100%! I started off with some loose jogging bottoms (literally lol!) but the other day sent off for capri pant style running tights. (Adidas) When they arrived they looked TINY, although they are a 16. They were in the sale section of a site called Achilles Heel.

    I was going to send them back but my sis insisted I try them on and they are so comfy! I do wear a loose top over them to hide the spare tyre (which is deflating nicely as I do more running!) but I feel like Kelly Holmes lol!

  • Oooh Ladies you have inspired me to get a pair of these running leggings - any ideas on which are the best make and do you go up or down in size or order the size you are? Any favourite websites or suppliers - thanks for the fashion - I mean running advice!

  • I can't answer for ladies apparel but I generally find I can't beat Nike or New Balance for kit.

  • I have one pair of loose fit running trousers and a couple of pairs of super heroes in varying lengths. My favs at the moment are the Nike thermal ones, they squodge the fat to firm and keep me warm. The super heroes really do feel better to run in once you get the confidence to wear them.

    I get pretty much all my kit from sports direct (currently my fav shop), I would rather get 70% off than wear this seasons latest. I tend to buy online, the stores are horrid - a bit of a jumble sale and I can never find what I want as they seem to have designed the displays at the optimum height for someone 7ft tall!

  • I got some verbal ribbing the very first time I ran but I had on a neon orange t-shirt., so that was a fair cop. I love the sound of yer t-shirt!

  • I bought a pair of More Mile thermal running tights from the startfitness web site and they are superb quality and have a nice fleecy lining. Don't know how thermal they'll be but they were only £14 in the half price sale. I would def recommend them as they're better quality than my Reebok and Nike tights.

  • haha. i have a pair of Nike ones, they just below the knee but they're not skin tight, they flare out which suits me just fine. i <3 them. they do make you feel the part :)

  • I love this post!! I set off today to get some new running trousers as mine are getting a bit scruffy, I'd got a new running jacket and t shirt this week so needed the trousers to finish off. I had no intention of getting 'leggings' but off I set to sports direct. once there my inner demon who normally tells me to eat cake told me to try some leggings; so as I stood in the queue for the changing rooms with a variety of types, I had a look on this site to waste some time, I saw this blog and u guys gave me the courage to buy the leggings!! They are so much more comfortable, I have proper running kit now which is allowing me to believe that I'm a proper runner!!! Only 3 more runs till graduation, maybe I am?! Happy running in ur leggings ladies!! :o)

  • I've tried them on but they are just too exposing for me! Reading these posts though has inspired me to have another go! I like the idea of a bottom bra!

    I did buy a neon pink running jacket so I get where you are coming from with wanting to feel like a runner! It's wonderful! I too am so slow but at least we're getting out there!

  • I would look like Max wall in those ( does anyone remember him)? I am old |:( My legs are slim and then there's this big round ass on top , proportioned I aint!!! Love the sound of the tee shirt though :)

  • Mine are Karrimor ones from Sports Direct - most of the running gear I've got came from there as they are such good value.

  • Yay! So pleased to hear I'm not the only one in the "bottom bra"! Thanks for all the good recommendations too. Mine are "Gore" - I think it might be a European brand. I especially like the pocket for my keys.

  • I have 3/4 length slightly flared Capri type bottoms £8 from sainsburys. They are quite flattering (flare balances big bottom) and contain Lycra so very comfy. Bought 3 pairs as such good value and wear them to the gym too. Their double layer sports socks are exccellent too and much cheaper than branded ones...

  • when i bought my running tights i recall shouting over the fitting room door at the poor (young) man in the running shop "are these for women or girraffes?!" i had them up under my armpits and there was still foot of extra leg on the floor hanging over the end of my feet! and i am not short, (5' 6'') i am a pear shape (14-16) and the best ones i have found are Brooks. I'm still a bit fat to be in them but actually i think they are prob more flattering than having everything bouncing about. i am doing a 10k charity run in august and my little personal goal is to be in capri tights by then. however i am on week 7 and eating healthily and still the same size as i was when i started so it may not happen for me. my best investment has been my running top though, truly is warm in winter and cool in the sun (not that there has much opportunity to prove this) mine is a pink one. also by Brooks and cost £17 which looking at some others in the shop is a really great price. i justify all my spending on the fact that i am not buying cigarettes or junk food any more! xx

  • black leggings for me (max wall eat your heart out!) and a variety of garish-ly coloured tops which I would never wear if it wasn't for the fact that they make you mega-visible to car drivers which is good for safety on the road

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