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C25k+ podcasts and alternatives?


I've been using the C25k+ podcast for the last week or so. I'm really enjoying having the prompts from Laura and the structure of different bpm tracks to run in time to BUT I really really can't stand the music :(. I did the stamina podcast this morning and while it was keeping me in time it was definitely not putting me in a good mood!

Does anyone know of anything similar that I can use instead? Spotify does some playlists that have a bpm range but they don't quite have the structure of the bpm increase that I'm after, and there doesn't seem to be any interval ones. Nike + have some playlists on Spotify too, but it looks like you need to use them with the Nike + run club app to get the most out of them - has anyone tried this? Or has anyone tried any other podcasts or apps that do a similar thing to the C25k+ ones, and would be suitable for a recent graduate?

It doesn't have to be proper songs - I don't mind if it's typical electro workout music and remixes - just something less maddening than the audiofuel tracks >.<!!


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heh - am about to give them a go, having been put off by the music previously... am hoping that tolerating the music might give me an extra mental dimension to training! I realise that doesn't answer your question!


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