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Week 8 Run 1: We have clearance, Clarence.


Like a pilot running through her ​pre-​f​light checklist, I ​mentally ​tick off the things I need to do to ensure this run will not end up like an episode of Air Crash Investigation, where my poor broken body plays the role of the plane ​​fuselage and the treadmill the mountain ​into which ​I crash.​ (See week 7 run 1).​

Set ​music? Check ✔

Set watch timer? Check ✔

Ankle ​support on? Check ✔

Enthusiasm level? Idle ✔

Emergency oxygen activated? Check ✔

Set ​ascent: 1%? Check ✔

Set ​speed: 7km? Check ✔

V1. Rotate.

​T​he point of no return​​.​

​Alanis Morissette's You Oughta Know and Nirvana's ...Teen Spirit start things off at a pretty feisty level 10. My fist pumping and high kicks are tempered by the arrival of a couple of New Order songs, and I calm down and settle for the occasional jazz hands to celebrate the fact I am alive and running. 👐 I'm on a trip down memory lane with New Order, 18 again and clubbing until 5am. Where has that lass gone? My bedtime now is 9.30pm 😴

The treadmill is a strange beast... I feel a little bored after the strong start. Did I peak too early? I fiddle with ​the controls and increase the speed and incline of ascent. Then decrease them. Then increase them again. I'm like an annoying wannabe pilot who won't accept she's on a treadmill, not a flight deck. I look around the gym for some entertainment, a diversion, a ninja runner, anything... But there is no entertainment in this subterranean hellhole where natural light and air do not exist. Even the televisions are all in Chinese so no point tuning in to them. I think fondly of the park.

But it turns out to be a cracking run! My heart rate hovers in the fat burning zone instead of flatlining in the cardiac zone as it does in the humidity outside. With less than 5 minutes to go, Paul Kelly's Sweet Guy sees me out. My knees are aching a bit which they never do outside. I think I'm overstriding on the treadmill compared to what I am used to doing. It's harder to let my feet land below my hips; my sense of proprioception is skewed with the earth moving below me. Need to work on that. I'll be inside for another four months or so now 😥

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Brilliant Dee, you’re cracking on with your runs now, I feel sad for you that its going to be on a treadmill now, wouldn’t it be amazing if there was some wonderful 22nd century gizmo where you could video your lovely park, then strap a headset on and run your virtual park Birkenstock ninja distraction and gogojojo doing “aeroplanes” too yippeeeee! the pure joy of that! 😁

DeeRunningGraduate in reply to lexi6

It's ok Lexi. I'm grateful the treadmill option exists tbh. I'll complain about it, but I wouldn't be able to run without it so all good. I'm sure that tech exists already somewhere...


Well run!


Well done you... the great outdoors will be there and waiting:)

DeeRunningGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Very true my friend. I'm trying to be patient but really would love to be out there 🏃‍♀️ 🙂


The treadmill will get you through the next few months, but minus the odd company you seem to keep/attract (I'm thinking about the Birkenstock man, and you wild doggy friends 🐕🐕)

Love some of the music you mentioned, especially Alanis and New Order.

I've just downloaded Superheavy. (Mick Jagger and assorted others) it's pretty good, might be worth having a listen to.

DeeRunningGraduate in reply to Jell6

There are all sorts of wonderful people out there! I'm hoping they will be forced indoors also, to keep me company :D

Thanks for the recommendation, I will check out Superheavy.


Well done Dee.

Definitely counting down the runs now.

Can your treadmill randomise gradient, to keep it more interesting?

DeeRunningGraduate in reply to RobW73

Yep 5 runs to go... 4 for you! The treadmill has some programs on it, I'll investigate those when I'm a bit more used to running on it. Still feel a little wobbly when running on the machine. So much easier outside!


Week done Dee! Love reading your posts! VR headset needed then you can run anywhere in the world! Though your unlikely to find a ninja even then... But I've got some holidays coming up?...!

Coming in to land soon!!xx

DeeRunningGraduate in reply to Marvo69

Ha I do have a VR headset but if I wore it on the treadmill I would truly crash and burn. I still need to keep an eye out towards my feet... I veered dangerously close to the edge a couple of times yesterday when i gazed at the rowing machine.

Awesome you have holidays! Where are you going? And are you bikini-body ready?

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