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Need proper footwear!

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Finished W1R3 today but developed pins and needles on sole of left foot 😬lasted about an hour after. Maybe just swelling? Not taking any risks, as a rule you only get one pair of legs and feet 😂( no offence to anyone with more or less!) was going to wait until about week 4 but have booked time tomorrow for gait assessment ( recommended place) and to choose new shoes 🏃🏼‍♀️

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Good plan. The main thing is to size up, especially since you're complaining of pins and needles. Happy shopping!

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Maybe hold off buying the running shoes for a few weeks. Pins and needles is almost certainly having your existing shoes done up too tight. You could google "running shoe lacing" to find a lace pattern that suits your feet. You may learn what those 'extra' unused holes on your trainers are for.

It's been hot and humid here in UK, and your feet have probably swelled during W1r3 and the circulation has been compromised: pins and needles.

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wagshaz in reply to MarkyD

Thanks MarkyD but am running in pair of slip on Scetchers - not tight at all and from woven fabric so room for spread. I think they're totally inappropriate to be fair

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Happy shopping. Don't be led by prices, (as in don't think that one pair of shoes is better than another just because they are more expensive), buy comfy, ask lots of questions and have fun!

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Read this guide to show buying for some tips.

I've read it thank you 😊

Hello, I have this and my physio says it's Mortons syndrome. He has suggested excersises and wearing a metatarsal gel pad . Hope that helps?

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Good running shoes are so important. Buy the best you can afford, and consider arch supports as they make all the difference if your feet are a bit flat like mine. I've had plantar fasciitis through not wearing supportive footwear and believe me you don't want to spend the money you saved by buying cheap trainers on a walking stick, like I did!

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