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Complete beginner:best footwear?

Complete beginner:best footwear?

Hi, completely new to this sort of internet thing and running.

I've got a pair of trainers from my mum which are Nike Air Max (they look like proper trainers not these ones that are just for show and rather bright) She wore them once so there practically new, but they just don't feel comfortable and very chunky if you know what I mean. I've worn them a few times to a class I started a few weeks ago but I just don't like the feel of them.

Anyway can anyone recommend me a good pair of trainers I can run in and wear to my class that feel lighter and less clumberaome.


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Go to decathlon if there's 1 near and get your gait's free and they put you on a running machine so they can offer you the best trainers for your also means you don't pay a fortune as a new starter as their own branded trainers are excellent quality or you can buy Asics or adidas or Nike.

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Similarly Sweatshop will analyse your gait and the shape of your arches etc and be able to recommend the correct type of footwear. Everyone is different and will like different types of shoe, I have a pair of Nike Air Zooms that I really like but they wouldn't necessarily be for everyone. Good luck with it all!


Hello there. You can pick shoes up from Sportsdirect, they do have quite a few to choose from and you do get to try them on. They own Sweatshop too, and the staff there are better trained at fitting running shoes (allegedly) If you can Google and find a dedicated running shop near you then you will get better service. I would google to come up with your nearest one. They will probably be reviewed by customers as well to give you a better idea of which one to choose

I bought my first pair of running shoes from SportsD as I had no idea about running at all. I was lucky! Their Karrimor Temp (road and trail models) were fine right out the box. You might need a size or half size bigger bear in mind as your feet expand when you run. They come in all colours and are inexpensive. No point in spending a lot if running doesn't suit you. You can also get them from Lidl and Aldi, which would be ok for the purposes of completing the programme (unless you have some special needs for your feet) Once you graduate you could treat yourself to some swanky ones

Have fun!!!


Yay! I got a pair of Karrimor Tempo 3 (if that's the same) from Sports Direct too :) They are fine for me and showing no signs of wearing out (maybe I need to run more!).

As misswobble says, it probably doesn't matter too much what you wear for C25K.


My wife did c25k in an old pair of Lidl trainers which were OK, but she has a neutral gait, so suited her. As she graduated got a pair of Karrimor tempo3​ control from Sportsdirect, at half price £35, she did the gait analysis there which is simply a plate you stand on and it determines your gait and which running shoes would be suitable for you. The particular Sportsdirect store we went to she could just help herself, trying on various shoes and having a run around the store..

So if going to Sportsdirect you need to have a good idea of your size & width and running gait. Running shoes are not really for fitness classes or walking as they're built differently, and may have a higher heel drop..


Six colours no less. £25 😀


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