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My Week 6 Run 3 - Completed !


Up early this Monday morning and all went well.

When Laura said I'd run for 5 minutes , my immediate thought was 'only a fifth of the way' ... Phew !

Quickly cast all doubts aside and trusting the plan as thousands will have done before me .. I carried on

I always start slow as I jog up on the slight hill at the beginning of the run. Then I got into it , 12.5 minutes passed , and as I carried on it got easier and I was moving quicker. That final one minute 'if you want to run a bit faster' was great as I upped the pace yet again.

Looking forward to Wednesday morning and the start of Week 7

Hope everyone else has a great start to the week

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Nice one Richard! Well done!

Sounds like plain sailing!

We just have that same run 3 more times. I really enjoyed the W6R3. Maybe pushed too much at the end. Will try to cool my powder for the next ones!

Congrats again! Did you enjoy being told you are a runner? 😃😃

RichardJHGraduate in reply to _SimonT_

Hi Simon, Thanks for the feedback .. and yes it was great to be told I was runner .. as well as reminding us that we only needed to extend our runs by another 5 minutes (though reading other posts to complete 5k we might need 10 more minutes depending on speed)

All in all a good day - hope your W7R1 goes well !


Well done. You now know you can do W7 as well. Enjoy it.

RichardJHGraduate in reply to Jay66UK

Many thanks Jay - certainly looking forward to getting stuck into W7 !

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