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A good run. So weird how the body adapted. 90 seconds a week ago felt an age now so much easier. 3 minutes running slowly and I realised I am running after questioning a couple of days ago. I watched my feet listening to the sound. I found it more distracting and hypnotic than the music. The second 3 because I felt in a zone I felt I could have gone further. Laces looser on right foot a lot less numbing. Less pain in muscles. Pace had increased slightly.

Also managed to dodge the storms but for a 'quiet' lane in was flipping busy. Every man and his dog was out but people were really friendly and encouraging as they drove past. First time I posted a smile at the end.

Running is just as much mental as physical. A good run.

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Well done you- and yes, it’s amazing how our body adapts in a short time.... and yes to the mental +physical... remember to say that to yourself if you ever feel daunted. 😄

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