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Too fast, too fast! (W8R2)

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Neither of us felt like going out tonight, but a scheduled run is a scheduled run. Warm up dynamic stretches went well and we headed out, optimism starting to creep in. Then OH showed me what I was in for... even the warm up walk was a blur. He's checking with me why we're not running yet as we've already reached the point we start running but there's a minute still on the clock!!! Then the fun began, he was off like a horse from the stalls and I'm trailing behind trying to catch up. When we finished we had all manner of personal bests on Strava and had clocked up 4.6K in our 28 minutes. I didn't know whether to hate him or hug him. He hasn't heard of Oldfloss 's slow and steady mantra. #runningbug

17 Replies
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Whatever, however! 👍👍👍

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If you were still alive at the end then it's all good! Well done x

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Just about alive. I was cursing him on the way when my right leg started to ache in case I couldn't get out for the next run. There's something very wrong with that! Thankfully we both had our earphones in so he was oblivious to the seething hatred 🤣🤣🤣

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Wow that’s very fast! Well done!

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As the titles suggests, it was too fast! Need to pace ourselves better. Otherwise we will end up on the IC.

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You are a greyhound! Well done!

But don't do it every time or the IC will snare you x

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Don't worry on that count, don't think I could if I wanted to!

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Wow, speedy Gonzalez! Well done! Can’t get over your everyday average speed, never mind today’s record! Hats off to you! I learnt very quickly not to run with the other half - he was overtaking me while *walking* 😂 Talk about demotivating!

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Looking back I can see a steady improvement since W6 when the long runs kicked in. Shaved off a mile per km. However, I don't believe today's PR is sustainable at present. We're still beginners. What's happened here is the OH believes this programme should have us running 5K in 30 mins by graduation, despite anything I say. His legs are pretty sore tonight so fingers crossed the lesson had been learned, lol. I'm happy to run on and get a better distance, but he prefers to stop as soon as Laura calls it. The plan for graduation is to run 5K in however long it takes, just for that run. Might do the parkrun, still deciding. Worrying about an unknown route for an important day. What are your plans for the big day?

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I hope neither of you is sore tomorrow, but if you are I am a great believer in slathering Deep Heat all over the affected joints. You will stink from the stuff, but it does ease pain. As for the big day, I hadn’t thought much more than just 30 minutes, wherever that might get me to. But now you’re making me think. I know my warm up and down is a total of 1k, and today I did 5.25k total, which means 4.25 of a run. So I have another three quarters of a k to get to 5, but it is doable. Yes, maybe for run 3 I could aim for that :)

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It needed be within 30 mins. We won't be. Expect it'll take a further 4-6 minutes, if everything goes well.

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Yea, I definitely wont be doing it in 30 mins either!

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That’s fantastic Hidden

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It was hard-going tonight. 🤨

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I bet but what an achievement! I’m back at it from fri. 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️

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Wow that’s brilliant on week 8 with warm up and warm down don’t hit 5k . Definite tortoise here 😂

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