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Couch to 5K
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So I made it through week 1 run 2 today...I did it in the rain so as not to overheat.

Came home soaked through.

Still needed to stop twice due to osteoarthritis in my knee :(

Being 16 stone and 5ft 1 is not easy.

However, I am determined.

The mantra of "if you can't beat them join them" plays through my mind. 2 of my daughters are on a diet and exercising. At 11 and almost 16. If they can do I so can I

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Fab 😀 keep up the good work.

Not sure if I could run in the rain but I’m may find out in the next few days as looks like lots of rain.

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It’s nice actually 😂


Well done!

Many of us ran through the beast from the east! Snow? Pah. Hail? Pah. Weight? No barrier! We’ve got this 💪🏽

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