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Advice please

Advice please


I’m away at Center Parcs at the moment. I packed all my running stuff in anticipation of completing a couple of runs here, trouble is my lower back has been in agony. Don’t know what I’ve done to it, I’ve suffered many times before, I think it’s a symptom of being a reception teacher, sitting on very small chairs!!! I still run or do I rest? Needless to say I am still swimmming, cycling and playing tennis as that’s what you do as a mum of boys at Center Parcs!


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With lower back pain I’d rest. Don’t run. Swimming and cycling will be great. Enjoy your Holiday.


Get a massage instead!


I've had a bad back for some years and rest is good but physio was the answer.

I would also suggest doing some posture exercises. Bad posture for me is route cause of my bad back.

In the short term i would try running while looking at the ground about 3 or 4 meters in front of you. This brings your head forward slightly reducing the strain on you back.

Hope that helps


I would just enjoy being at Centreparcs with your boys and have a few extra rest days from running. Hope it feels better soon.

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Don’t go on that river rapid ride if you’re at Whinfell & have a bad back! Stick to sitting in the jacuzzi instead.


Well, rest probably isn't the answer because you need to keep you back mobile. As regards running specifically, it's a simple one: is the pain worse if you run or after? If yes and the running is exacerbating the pain then don't run. If not, then run, but don't push harder/faster/further than usual. Take some ibuprofen

If you haven't had a specific falling/twisting/trauma injury to your back recently, it is probably, as you say, probably down to a chronic posture during the working day issue. n which case, assuing you are not about to suddenly chang career, you need to significantly strength your back and core muscles. The vast majority of people have very weak back and core. It is a section we largely ignore despite it being perhaps the most important in the body: literally holding us together.


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