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In the bag

WK5R3 no drama , rev cole for company, shoe lace undone for the last 2 mins..oh my T shirt was on inside out 😬

I now feel I can stop running around the grave yard and try the sea front, where I may actually be seen by living people possibility some one I even know.

I really cant believe I ran for 20 mins and can still breath and talk and didn’t regurgitate any of the haribo sweets I troughed after work last night 😀

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Slough off the headstones and meet your new public!!

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Well done! 😃 brilliant!

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Nice one Amanda! I don’t suppose the folks in the graveyard were too bothered about your sartorial slip up! 😂

Running along a sea front sounds lovely. Definitely do that. We are a bit land locked here in Derby.

Many congrats for your no drama 20 minute run! Everything else will be a breeze! 😀


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