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Hello! Do we celebrate NRV’s here?

Hello! I’ve just completed wk6r3 and thought I join here and introduce myself!

I’m Lainey and I’m actually enjoying running (well, I enjoy rest day, and completing each run...can’t say I enjoy the ACTUAL run thing 😐😂)

I had a Non Running Victory (NRV) this week at work when I had to run for an emergency and actually thought “Oooo this feels good! I can actually sprint for something without everything aching and getting out of breath!” Might have had a slightly inappropriate grin on my face!!

What NRVs have you had that go to show your fitness is improving? xx

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Hey, I’m due to do W6 R1 on Sunday ( never been a runner)

My NRV was when my Grandchildren ask me to run up the road with them

I felt comfortable doing it 👍


That’s brilliant! I like it when these small victories are realised! 😊


I’m able to walk from my desk to the local shopping area and back up the long hill and use the stairs to the third floor whilst holding a conversation. I used to be breathless and over heating!

I also just generally feel so much more confident in every setting. I’m proud of myself for getting this far and massively benefitting from the mental release running is giving me.


One day a while ago, I found myself on the wrong side of town, late for a meeting. I got some funny looks as I jogged along in my suit, but made it on time without breaking a sweat :) Grand.

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Love that image:)


Well done... !

After starting C25K... the first time my Practice Nurse said to me, after my well woman check.. well.. everything checks out fine... and your results are on a par with a 33 year old.. BP, Heart Rate etc etc.. I was 65 nearly 66!


That is cool!


I'm just finding I've got more energy - running upstairs, walking faster - etc. Good luck with the rest of your running.


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