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Week 4, Run 4

Successfully completed a second week 4 run this morning after taking 3 attempts to finish it first time. Just one more to go and then it's on to week 5! This morning I tried an audio book after my podcast success during the week. Definitely working better for me than music. Pace and breathing felt good but a bit of a burn in my calves during the running section. Feeling great now after some stretches and breakfast!

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Top job!! Dipped my toe into the W4 pool earlier. Knackering. Home made bread has helped tho. When's your next outing?

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I was aiming for Friday and Sunday this weekend as it can be difficult to find time mid week but didn't make it last night. Will probably aim for Tuesday evening now. I've tried an early morning run before work and felt great all day for it but ended up late for work. When are you next running?


Today. :-( Not my finest hour. There's definitely a "thing" about W4. Much more chipper now than I was at 5:30 this morning. Ready to give it another hard slap on the chops tomorrow morning. I am SO going to beat this. Shut up brain, you're an idiot :-)


Well done!! I struggled with week 4 and only managed to run it once. Started to repeat the week and failed again😣 felt so demotivated that I ditched it. But then ran week 5 run 1 with ease. Keep it up😊


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