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Letter to my old self


During W1 and W2 I spent too much time looking at the ‘mega athletes’ and natural runner types on weeks 7,8 & 9 thinking it’s okay for them, they’re different.

Even the problems they expressed such as not being able to run the whole 25 minutes because of a ‘bad day’ or similar, seemed a world away from me struggling to run 90 seconds (I did struggle a bit).

I’m on week 7 now and no one can believe it more than me, my wife and friends who all stare at me in amazement. It’s quite out of character.

One point I learned is this: every week is the same level of struggle. You get fitter and stronger, but honestly no week is more of a struggle than the last - and they are all manageable.

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So true! But I'm still in awe of you guys with big Week numbers on your posts. Here's hopinh we can meet you at the podium one day :-)

1Potato in reply to sallenson

You’ll get there soon enough sallenson! I’m still a little amazed at reaching W7 myself. Could barely run for the bus when I started!


Sounds like you got this...

C25K is amazing in how it challenges us to get better and make a it possible all at the same time isn't it?

I was at week 7 when the penny dropped too. I wasted so much energy worrying about the next week I faced up to then. I wish I could pass on that experience to new starters, but it seems like we have to learn it for ourselves. Part of the mental development over the course of the programme.

Now 12 months on 5k is my go to distance 3 times a week and I love it. 😊

The podium is just over there, waiting for you. Enjoy.

UpdcreativeGraduate in reply to helenwheels

Thanks helenonwheels, I’ve been wondering about life after c25k and not sure I have the desire to do 10k, but I like the idea of 5k three times a week (if I can).

You’ll surprise yourself; I have done a few 10ks now and I bet you will too. It sort of sucks you in👍😊👍

5 is a nice distance for me though


Well put. I really like clicking on the people who are in the later weeks and scrolling back to their posts of experience of the early runs. Makes you realise they’re just like you and me after all and anyone can succeed with this plan. Good luck with the rest of your journey!


I did w5r3 yesterday and after it I felt like a bit of a lightbulb moment - I’d built up 20mins in my mind as a massive hurdle, but in reality it felt the same doing that as the previous massive hurdles be they 3 mins 5 mins or 8 mins. I agree with you completely. You are ready.


Great post and I’m on week 7 too and completely felt the same and feel the same. Well done, nearly there, then what. You will start again looking ahead at the 10k, HM athlete posts 😂

UpdcreativeGraduate in reply to Jullaly

Hey oldladyruns, I think we’ve been running in parallel since the beginning and it’s nice to see you haven’t dropped out either (I was convinced I would at week 2).

What do you think you’ll do after graduating... Have you planned a park run? Will you attempt 10k?

JullalyGraduate in reply to Updcreative

We have indeed been running along together nicely. I couldn't drop out because I had promised a friend to do a 5K race for life in July which I am determined to do. Back when that decision was made I thought I would train up to complete it and that would be my attempt at running over. But No! Im just a little addicted to this. My personal aim is to hopefully consolidate after c25k and enjoy a few parkruns and see how I enjoy those. Of course we could be doing that now. As for 10K, you never know, I never dreamt I would get anywhere near 5K!


Great post! 😃

It’s amzing how our bodies adapt to fresh exertions.

Just keep gently chipping away, slowly but surely chewing up the distance

It’s fun too 😃


I absolutely agree! It’s amazing how the program brings you on, I really really struggled with w4r1 but I’m on w7r3 tomorrow actually looking forward to it and I really don’t know how this has happened!

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