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Back to it and loving it!

This time last year I had completed wk3 r1, was just about to go out the door for the next run when my trainer snagged on my doorframe’s sharp corner, broke and I tripped over flat on my face... my confidence was knocked, my (brand new) trainers had a hole in the top and I gave up...

This year I’ve signed up for the race for life Muddy 5k in July, thought it was about time I went back to the programme and donned the (holy) trainers again - and I’ve never felt better!

I’ve just completed week 3 (properly this time), haven’t missed a run and, providing there’s no rain, my trainers are no bother! I can’t believe I waited this long, running and feeling fitter every session is utterly addictive and I can’t wait for the next challenge each week!

Enjoy the weekend - hope it’s a sunny one 😍 x

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Well done for coming back!

This is my 3rd attempt but for different reasons.

Good you have signed up for a Race for Life, i'm doing one on Sunday, it will give you a focus! :)

I found that by posting on here the support given really helped me to carry on!

Well done! :)


Welcome back!

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