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Back to the drawing board... and loving it.

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Well, after completing C25K back in January I got struck down by flu which triggered a bout of a long term condition. I've been out for a few runs in the mean time but they just floor me for a few days afterwards. My inactivity during sickness has brought back troubles with fatigue so I am starting from the beginning again! At least I meant to. When I started out yesterday I realised I had only downloaded the podcasts from week 2. The first 90 second run was surprisingly tough but after that I was having a great time. I'd forgotten just how great it feels to run. I was in the best mood I've been in ages all day. I'm feeling really good about my decision to hush my ego and start small again.

5 Replies
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Good for you! It's absolutely the right thing to do this at your own pace 😀 My 9 week programme was more like 15 !

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Very wise. Am building up times again myself after injury and, surprisingly, not minding at all. Just grateful to be back at it. All power to you. It will come back faster than you might think at this point!

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Welcome back Sam! I am also a re-starter - those pesky injuries huh? :-( Hope you are feeling a sense of achievement and well done for making the decision to get back out there :-) happy running to you.

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Yes! That's the beauty of C25K, you can use it as it suits you. There are many here who have used it again, me included, after a a bout of illness or injury. After I had Achilles tendonitis I re-did C25K, one run from each week until I felt strong enough to go it alone. You'll get there too, Laura won't let you down. Best of luck, let us know how it goes xx

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Thanks everyone. Your encouragement has helped me get my trainers on in the morning! I think this may be the friendliest, most supportive place on the Internet!

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