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Can’t believe I did it- W5r3


Still a bit dazed but very happy I ran for the 20mins and feel great. I took your advice and went slow and steady and it worked! Helped it is a beautiful morning- I’m definitely a fair weather runner☀️🕶

Never thought I’d run without stopping.... and enjoyed it.

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It's a great feeling isn't it!

Great feeling and well done. Just keeping it nice and slow and its great what can be achieved. Be ready for the W6R1 banana skin!

I'm repeating the program myself after time on the injury bench and just back in from W5R3 myself.

See you on Sunday for W6R1 !


Oh yes this week 6 banana 🍌 😣😣😊

Excellent! Well done, this is a great run to get ticked off the list. Take a moment to look back and realise just how far you have come. The program is amazing, it works, but only if you have put in the effort. Be proud of what you have achieved - and watch out foe w6r1!


Well done!


20 minutes of Running great feeling isn't it 👍🏻well done keep going


My joy at doing that particular run two years ago still hasn't left me! Go you. :)

Well done nailed it😊x

Well done 😎 just done wk5 r2, so this is my next one 😬

MumsygillGraduate in reply to YoureDoingGreatPet

Mine too!😱

Planning on Sunday - are you??

Janeym1 in reply to Mumsygill

Me too! Good luck!

As said above this is my next one too! How did you find w5r2 can I ask? I found it quite hard so I'm a bit scared for this next one!

Bizarrely I found the first 8 min run worse than the second. Although I didn’t feel I couldn’t do it I was starting with a bit of stitch towards the end. I’m actually more concerned now about what I’m hearing about wk6 r1 now than wk5 r3 😆😆😆

I find the first 5 mins tortuous and then get into a rhythm. Weird!!!

MumsygillGraduate in reply to YoureDoingGreatPet

I found th first one really hard , second was better. Not loads better just a bit!!


Very well done.. relax and move into Week 6, with confidence:)

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