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Running update from me!

Hello running friends!

I know, I know, it's been a while... I'm sorry :) I'm just not brilliant at posting sometimes.

So what have I been up to since I last posted?

Well... more of the same really, running for between 25 and 40 minutes, but with one small blip :P And do bear with me on this one, it's relevant, honest! About 3 weeks ago I got a new bed, one of those with a matress topped with memory foam. I didn't even know that was a thing. Anyway, the next run I had to slow down virtually to a walk after about 4 minutes, not because I was tired or out of breath, but because my lower back was really hurting. After another couple more runs of the same, I realised it was probably that I was getting used to the matress, as apparently that's a thing with memory foam.

As well as that, before I had chance to recover fully, the weather got bad and life got hectic... again. But now my back is fine, I'm used to the bed, it's not raining for a change, so off I went, with some trepidation since I'd not run for about 10 days or so. I decided I was going to do a run I thought I could do. When scrolling through podcasts to listen to, I stumbled across Laura's version of C25K. I did consider running week 9, but thought after a break and some back issues, I should play it safe, so I did week 5 run 3, for old times sake.

I am very happy to report that I needn't have worried, of course I did it with no problems, and at a decent pace, so maybe I'm not as hopeless as I thought :) I pushed myself for the final few minutes too, and was still pleased with how quickly I managed to recover back to normal breathing.

Oh - and I'm assuming they have to go for royalty-free music on the podcasts, because wow, that music choice is "interesting" :)

Anyhow, enough from me for now, happy running folks, and I shall report back. I'm going to try to run more frequently if I can, as that would really help me, I know. I was talking yesterday to the vicar at our church, who runs marathons and things, and he was saying he runs most days whatever the weather, so I think a visit to get some better clothing is probably called for!!

Till next time :)


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Oh I forgot to mention, I've also got my parkrun barcode now... not sure which one to go for locally, as there are a few


Always a delight to hear from you, young Neil! Glad you are out and about again, though sorry to hear about your back blip. Yikes! As for running in “weather”, go on! You just have to do it. I actually love running in the rain now. The only weather I will NOT run in again is a driving blizzard of snow. That was not pleasant at all, especially when I had to shut my eyes because the snow/ice felt like shards of glass. 👀

I ran to check out where my local park run starts this morning, and am pondering doing it next week. I hope I can cope - I don’t like crowds and am a hugely antisocial runner, but maybe PR will change all that. The route is really pretty though and goes through woodland...

Hope you manage to get out regularly, Neil. I have not had the blues for months now, and was actually singing and running today I was that happy!

Take care,

Sadie x

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Young, lol! You're my best friend now :P Flattery will get you everywhere!

Yes I need to start braving the weather a bit more. I would love to do some early morning runs, but as I'm struggling with sleep as it is, I did perhaps think that wasn't the best idea in the world, as I'd be getting up about 5:15 rather than 6. I definitely would like to be running way more often too. There was nothing particularly different about this morning, but it was one of those runs where everything just came together. Always good for encouragement!!

I've also, this Thursday, just finished a series of counselling sessions, and those have really really helped too, so hopefully with a new more positive outlook onlife, and a whole summer of happy running ahead, it's all going the right way :) I mean flippin' heck, I even liked the podcast music... I must have been in a good mood.

Snow running... yes I know just what you mean. I did one or two runs when it started snowing, and when the temperature's that cold it does feel like sharp glass or knife blades hitting you, I know. But I suppose, no pain, no gain, right?

Thanks as ever for all your lovely support. I shall now go and reply to your latest post :D

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I totally understand how hard it can be to fit in runs during the work, especially if you are having sleep problems. I am a lark at my eyes pop open at 5:30am most days – and I haven't always had enough sleep! Mind you, I am in bed by 10pm latest every night. I live a wild and crazy life, eh?

I am so pleased that counselling has helped, that sounds so positive! If you do manage to get your sleep sorted too, I urge you to try early morning runs. There is something so life-affirming about that time of the day, when everything is fresh and the birds are singing. It has really made a positive difference to my happiness levels.

Summer running yay! Though not for a wee while, we have LOADS of rain coming. I am desperate to get out and do some gardening on my balcony plants, but it has hissed down all day! Roll on warm dry weather.

Happy running, Neil. Keep in touch! x


Welcome back 316neil ...you have been missed!!! Have you been lurking or just completely absent???

I’ve never heard that before about your back getting used to memory foam?! I suppose it makes sense...I’ve got a waterbed so my bed just continually changes, I’m not a busy sleeper though thankfully & neither is Daddycav thank goodness otherwise it’d be sea sickness scuppering my runs!! I’m glad you’ve got it sorted & you’re back in business...

I like to go back to some of the C25k runs too, I also chose W5R3 last time & of course I did it, but it’s good just to cement that fact now and again...it’s also nice running in different weather too so don’t wait for a good day otherwise it could be months before you run again!! Get back out there ASAP...you know the benefits Neil so just do it!! 😉🏃🏼‍♀️🏃‍♂️


Thanks for the welcome back Mummycav! Yes - we had a note with the bed that said if it's uncomfortable, stick with it, because the memory foam will start to mould to the shape of your body, and it'll get easier, which it actually did. I may, of course, have hurt my back doing something else silly, but who knows!!

I chose W5R3 quite deliberately because I remember it being something of a milestone run... and I remember thinking there was no way I'd ever manage that, and I managed it with ease today, so I obviously haven't fallen as far back as I'd feared, so that's all good :)

Thanks again for the support x

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The podcasts are definitely not for music lovers. However they are created by a company that designs playlists and coaching specifically for training. They tracks are designed to have the right beat (and lyrics) for each stage of the programme. There are also three C25K+ podcasts which are quite good for getting you to focus on technique.

Personally I'm sticking to Spotify now.

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Hi Loris :) Yes that does make sense, and of course it's probably how we all try to chose music to listen to. Though I have been known to listen to The Archers podcast whilst running... keeps my mind occupied!

I'm quite sure the one I listened to today had a massive tempo change at one point, it suddenly went very fast. I find timing my steps to the music quite helpful, but this would have turned into a sprint! Never mind... it's all part of running's rich tapestry.

On a positive note, I got a really cheap pair of sports in-ear headphones from Amazon. The sound quality is awful - unless you like it with no bass and the top end slightly distorted, but they are really really comfortable and stay in the ears really really well. :)


Hey Neil! Good to hear you're still getting out there. Happy summer running sounds like a plan 😊.

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Why thank you! I was quite encouraged today actually, as I thought given the gap I'd had, doing a decent paced 20 minutes was pretty good going for someone like me :)

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Think a decent paced 20 mins is good at any point by any of us - no need for the 'someone like me!'

Here's to more summery weather and lovely relaxed running 😊

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Sometimes a break refreshes our legs. 🏃‍♀️😀


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