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W2R3 completed

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So I finished W2R3 last night and I tried out my new trainers. I had a gait analysis done v early and bought trainers as I have really bad back problems - previous neurosurgery for ruptured disc and remaining slipped disc and slipped vertebrae with 24/7 pain. So I want to avoid my back getting bad from using my old Nike gym trainers. It’s already been very sore since I started this. So took them for a spin last night and got pains in my shins, ankles and right knee whilst running. They’re not there today. Is this just me getting used to the new type of trainer? Is it to be expected? My old trainers had no support/cushioning and new ones are the highest level of support for over pronating & feel pretty solid but comfy. TIA x

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Im just on W2 and have had mild pains in my shins and they hurt to touch. It has been suggested I need to get the correct footwear for me. I'm a bit concerned now tho if you have been tested and are still having pains......it has also been suggested it could be that I'm new to running and it will go away on its own 🤔🤔🤔....

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Hi, thanks. I didn’t have it with my old shoes, I think it’s just my body adjusting to them and wanted to check if anyone else had experienced it. I definitely think they’ll be good for me as they’re so supportive and correct my over pronation. I still think it’s better to have them than not but it’s up to you. Will keep you posted how I get on x

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Hi zippy.

Congratulations on completing the week.

Sorry, can't help on the question.

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