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Day1 week2

I did it!!!

After doubting my ability to go to 90 seconds I actually did it.

Ist run was hard as my 5 minute walk was uphill so I was knackered before I started 😂.

However it did get easier and was well chuffed after I finished.

One problem is my shins are hurting.....have been since day one.

Going to look at getting some better running shoes.....not sure where to go though. Some say it's because I'm a new runner and they will sort themselves out.

Am I likely to do damage if I just carry on??

Either way I'm enjoying it and hopefully will finish it.

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Knew you'd do it 🏃‍♀️ where's the glam photo though? 😉


Bummer I forgot! 😂😂

Next time 😆

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I think some of it is your body adjusting- my shins didn’t hurt after wk 2 but one hip still complains intermittently and I’m hoping it will cope with wk 5!

I checked my own gait to see it was normal (google how to do it with wet footprints!) then tested 3 New Balance pairs in TKMaxx to see how they felt without spending £100... my feet told me which was the right pair. Good luck!


Thanks for that advice!. I know I need new trainers but wasn't sure how to check what's right. I'll google it and try 😆.

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Hello and welcome.

Here is a link to FAQ, it has some great info including choosing shoes.


My shins used to hurt when I first started c25k last October. Someone told me I was "heel striking", which means my foot was hitting the ground in front of my torso. The advice was to try to lean forward into the run and have your feet contact the ground under your torso. It seemed to work, and I'm sure there's expert advice on here if you do a search.


Thanks for that I'll give it a try. As I'm only just starting I'm just about managing to put one foot in front of the other but I will pay more attention to the way I'm running. 😊


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