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Silly me!

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Having completed W8R1 two days before (with my 8 year-old running partner) I decided to try a random run alone. OMG it was so hard. I was obviously going too fast. I only managed 12 minutes and was exhausted! I guess what's really working for me is how my boy regulates my pace. I was disappointed but the good news is that yesterday we went out for W8R2 and smashed it. It was hard, but we did it. We ran against the wind. Tomorrow we finish W8, I'm so proud :)

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Oh pacing yourself is so hard. During my C25K programme the only time I looked at the stats was to see if my first few kms were too fast. And it blooming well happens, your body seems to know you’re getting fatter and off you zoom, to regret it later.

I used to chant a mantra something along the lines of ‘go slow, go slower, remember what old floss says’ - just to keep the pace correct.

Still it was a lesson learnt and no run is wasted run, that’s experience and kms in your running bank.

Well done, you should be very proud indeed, you’ve done very well.

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Thank you Jan, you are sooo right!

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