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Just dropping in for an update


Well I just got to thinking people would click on my profile in years to come and see I got to week 7 then stopped, so I suppose I need to give a bit of explanation

Soon after almost finishing week 7 I started a new nightshift job working 4 nights a week, so I don't have the energy on those days to do the runs. It was never my intention to keep up 3 runs a week after I had graduated the program, I always intended on dropping it down to 1 run a week

So now i'm running one one of my days off and doing kickboxing on the other day off to keep fit, I'm not running 25 minutes like I used to as I took a 2 week break as life got in the way, but I will slowly build up my running times again, Just don't think I'll be finishing the Couch to 5k program, I'm just going a different route.

I can't praise the program enough it never let me down and always had me ready for the next run

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Hi skelig, thank you for your lovely post, enjoy your runs when you do them and your kickboxing too!

The program got you off the couch.. 😊xx

We all find the running recipe that works for us, so nice you have yours organised

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