Unhappiness is a phone dropped in mud

Everything was going really well - actually enjoyed week 7 runs 1 and 2; run 3 was OK up to 20 minutes, at which point I decided to throw my phone into a mud puddle. Bad choice. I was trying to swerve to avoid a dog at the time.

Functionally the phone is mainly OK, but I can no longer do the thing that I use the phone for most: listening to C25K podcasts (and accompanying audio book). I think the headphone jack is faulty.

I really don't want to be without the phone long enough to get the jack fixed/replaced, so am wondering whether to get some of those Bluetooth headphone things. Does any one else use them? Are they worth bothering with?



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14 Replies

  • Can't help with the Bluetooth headphones..sorry.But can feel your pain about the phone!I dropped mine and cracked the screen!I have an old phone and transferred SIM into it until the other one is fixed.

  • That's even worse! Won't you lose your progress on the C25K app?

  • I had problems with app and now use the podcast...but discovered today that there is no sound on the iPhone it will only vibrate.....I knew there was a reason why I stopped using it lol!!But now it's double the pain being without my phone!!!!

  • Au man, that is horrible!

  • the technology gremlins strike again !!

  • Oh dear. I can't comment on the Bluetooth headphones, but do you have access to an mp3 player? You could download the remaining podcasts from the Nhs site and use those instead of the app on your phone. If you don't have an mp3 player, you might be able to pick up a very basic one pretty cheaply.

  • A quick look on Amazon and you can get basic mp3 players starting from an unbelievable cheap £1.97. Might get you to graduation until you have your phone fixed.

  • Thanks, AngieS - I'm a bit of a technophobe really, but if I can run for 25 minutes, surely this can't be too hard to do!

  • One thing I did struggle with a little when downloading the podcasts was getting them 'unzipped'. They are compressed and you need some software ( like winzip)to open them before transferring them to your mp 3 player. I managed to download a free software to unzip them. Be careful though, as some of the free zip software you can find on the internet have viruses etc attached. The best thing would be to consult some reviews first to check which ones are trustworthy.

  • You're a star - that worked! Thanks.

  • Super. Happy running!

  • Thanks for your sympathy, all - next time I jump over the dog. Just hope it isn't a Great Dane!

  • I would go for the challenge of being without the phone.... :) you may be surprised!

  • Just tried it - no self control! I'm afraid I need Laura :(

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