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W7R2 - progression!


That's W7R2 in the bag, and with this being the third 25 minute run it's interesting to be able to see how I'm progressing with each run.

With W6R3 I got to the final minute to hear the suggestion that I might want to try speeding up for that final 60 seconds and almost laughed. Well I would have if I wasn't knackered and just trying to get to the end through sheer willpower.

The W7R1 I got to the end with something still in the tank... I wasn't running on empty but neither did I feel like pushing my luck.

Then today I surprised myself and actually sped up for that final 60 seconds... it was almost a sprint!

So I find myself really liking how these runs are showing me in a more obvious way how much better I'm getting... in fact I'm actually looking forward to 28 and then 30 minutes - bring it on!

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Slow, steady and relaxed... :) Well done :)

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