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Feeling good


It’s a bit cloudy and overcast this morning but spring must be in the air as I’m feeling good. I’m really enjoying the light mornings and longer days.

W3R2 coming up tomorrow and so far I’m really enjoying my journey. My runs are always in the park and even when you think you’ve chosen a flattish route those pesky hills add to the challenge. I’ve got to say though, I just might be feeling s little fitter! Can those changes already have started to happen? Fingers crossed🤞 😊

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Definitely 😊

Yup they can, especially if you add some pesky hills into the mix. Well doen you and happy running for rest of W3 - its a lovely week.

Birdsong53Graduate in reply to Jancanrun

Thanks Jan, I’ll just keep pinching myself and hope it’s true. 😊

It's amazing how fast you're rewired. I love running in the rain. Enjoy 😊

Birdsong53Graduate in reply to msanni

You know your so right. I get a real Buzz if I’ve ran in not ideal weather, just boosts my determination. 😊


That’s great! Isn’t it amazing how quickly our bodies begin to feel the benefit? 😄

Birdsong53Graduate in reply to Elfe5

Let’s hope I still feel the same after tomorrow’s run! 😊


Wonderful... well done you :) Keep it steady and keep it slow....enjoy :)

Birdsong53Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you, I’ve had a lot going on recently and it surprises me how much running/jogging lifts my spirits. 😊

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