Maybe, just maybe I don't hate Laura now!

Well, just maybe .... managed to complete W3R1 on the treadmill today (followed by a personal trainer and core work - crazy or what?? All of me aches now, not just the legs). Despite what everyone on this forum had said, I honestly never thought that I'd be able to manage that "short" 3 minute run, but I did. Slower than before because I took the advice here and slowed down just a little: thanks everyone. Laura might even get clemency and not get strangled if I could ever catch her, which I doubt. Thanks everyone for the support and encouragement.


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10 Replies

  • Well done, slow is def the way

  • When I started the programme I would do the run/walk as my warm up before doing core work at the gym. When I got to week 5 I found it quite hard going, and now alternate my gym days with my running days. I also discovered, much to my surprise, that I could run outside, and soon found out that I preferred it to the treadmill.

    Keep up the running and hope you keep forgiving Laura. :-)

  • Started off outside in W1, found that I hardly managed to move when "running" , almost running on the spot, little steps, like a not-very-agile elephant, getting slower and slower as time went by, certainly much slower than my walking. Simply too wimpy to push myself as I needed to do, giving up for no reason other than my gremlins saying NOOOOO. SO, back to the hamster wheel for the time being because if you stop you shoot off the end (it hurts and so does the laughter of the other people in the gym!). I want to get back outside and that's part of the longer term plan. My marathon running friend has made me promise that I'll go running with her in 2017 ... a bit of a pipe-dream but I'm going to give it a try!

  • A big well done! You are doing really well!

  • WELL DONE. So pleased you found it ok. And extra impressed that you followed it with some core work.

    One run at a time is definitely the way to think of it I think!

  • Yes I now agree with you .... at last. I have decided that looking ahead is definitely a mistake for me. Thanks for the support - when's your next "outing"?

  • And thank you too. It's good to compare notes with someone at the same point. My next outing is Friday morning. How about you?

  • If building my new wardrobe goes to plan today - so far so good! - I've put W3R2 in my calendar for tomorrow (Thursday). I don't know about you, but I think I'm getting a new "mindset" because for the first time today I think that if I've done it once then doing it again is going to be hard work but will be OK.

  • I know what you mean, yes. There's definitely a mindset to get into.

    I'm not using the NHS podcast as it kept crashing my phone, and made the mistake of comparing the one I'm using, which meant looking to see what's in store - really not sure that was a good idea!!! The upshot is the one I'm using is more or less the same - after scaring myself.

    Good luck with the wardrobe, and tomorrow. I hope both go to plan.

  • You sound like you're up and running with this now, so to speak! Well done.

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