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I think running is making me gain weight!

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I just finished week 8 this morning and can't believe I'm going to graduate next week!

The only problem...I am so much more hungry than usual and am eating more. Rather than losing weight like I'd hoped, I'm worried I'm going to gain it! Any advice on nutrition or controlling this desire to eat everything in sight after a run?

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Willpower, say no.

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Eat smart. Don't snack. If you're genuinely hungry eat good stuff, bananas, high protein etc

Are you really hungry or thirsty? Often we think we're hungry when we're actually thirsty. Is your hydration right?

Check your daily calorie intake. Is it sufficient for your needs.

Are you running before mealtimes? Try switching up before/after meals (giving time to let it settle)

When do you run?

If it's early morning a decent breakfast of say eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes whole grain bread should fill you. If you run later in the day can you have your meal soon afterwards? You are not running enough during c25k to actually warrant extra food (unless you are on very low cals to begin with).

It's probably just another mind game eg I've worked hard I deserve something. After a run how about having a glass of chocolate milk (cocoa mixed with a bit of hot water and topped up with cold or hot milk) or some full fat Greek yogurt - the fat will help fill you up (personally I don't touch low fat anything) and fats/carb/protein ratio is good. Once you have had a small snack just move away from temptation. After losing weight using the 5:2 method (and keeping it off for 5 years) I found that the hunger is not lasting if you ignore it, it doesn't build and build it goes away if you let it.

Lightbulb 💡- how is your hydration? It is true that feelings of hunger can be mistaken and laid to rest by drinking more.

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C25K isn't a weight loss programme, you can't eat what you like and need to control your diet...

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Running the programme wont put weight on you. Eating too much definitely will.

Move more, eat less..... simples😀

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Tbae in reply to Millsie-J

Hi Administrator,

If this read move more or eat less or some of both I would agree🤔

The basic equation that governs

this is indeed simple, if fully understood.🤔

Actually achieving it, not so simple.🤔🙈

Very sincerely


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Millsie-JGraduate in reply to Tbae

If calorie intake is in deficit to calories used, weight will reduce. If an individual is increasing weight and then begins the programme, there is no guarantee that the (small) number of calories used for the runs will move the individual into calorie deficit. By doing both ie....moving more and eating less there is far more chance of being in calorie deficit and therefore experiencing weight reduction.

Of course the best method would be to calculate how many calaries are needed daily, including ensuring there is a calorie deficit of between 10-15% , and sticking to it. Until the desired weight is achieved. Then maintain.

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Really depends how much excercise is done, but the poster is doing c25k and isn't a top athlete and may not have a substantial excercise regime as of yet..

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Tbae in reply to davelinks

I have read NJA95 very inspiring story and even before responding knew she was not a top athlete.👍

But I certainly did not know of her struggle.🤔

I am sure you did , from your previous replies to her posts.

I decided to remove my sincere advice to her, not because any of it was inaccurate, quite the contrary, you have totally misunderstood it.🤔

Any contribution I think I can make to any person posting on this forum is done with the sincerest intentions toward the interests of the poster.🌟👏👏

I have little time to deal with inaccurate challenges.🤔

Very sincerely


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Track your calories and make sure you are using more than you are putting in!

I eat low calorie mon-Thursday then relax fri-sun. Doing C25K I have lost near enough a stone this way...

I have read your very inspiring posts and story.🌟👏👏

What courage and grit.🌟👏👏

WOW. WOW.🌟👏👏

There is nothing that will stop you realising your dreams.🌟👏👏

Thank you for your story.💫🏃‍♀️💫

Your journey is inspiring.💫🏃‍♀️💫

Not sure your relply is helpful.🤔

Hopefully to the poster👍👏👏

Certainly not to me , who at one time operated with a 7000 calorie a week deficit with a fasting and exercise regime.🤔

For maybe many that have not had a serious challenge in this department, the basic equation that governs this allows plenty options including increasing your exercise and indeed increasing your fuel levels.🤔



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Millsie-JGraduate in reply to Tbae

Tbae I am sorry if my above response does not appear helpful to you. I do feel that I have been as clear as I am able to be. Hopefully the original poster is able to follow my logic. There is much reading available that can also support any individual to follow the strategy I have outlined if required.

With regard your latest response, I have assumed you mean reducing your fuel levels.

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Tbae in reply to Millsie-J

No increasing.👍Definitely.I think I rest my case.🤔

I offered very sincere advice to the poster who was asking for help.🤔

I am very pleased she has now completed her first 30 minutes.

That’s all that really matters.

Your reply is sincere and genuine and I am sure it will be helpful, but it does not cover all other options deriving from the basic equation.

What I do not think is helpful from some forum members is to distort a reply or worse the facts to make an unhelpful point, and loss of focus on the poster.🤔👏👏

Thank you for responding

Very sincerely


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