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Time to carry on


Last January I made a decision to change my lifestyle I was a shade under 21st I got down to a pound under 16 stone by December, but had some devastating news in February My wife was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, cant say it hasn't thrown me a little it has, my regime has gone to pot and my weight has yo yo'd so today I've decided its time, back on track and let's do something that will enrich my life and my wife's to the aim!!!! Well to do a couple of 5K this year and maybe a 10K next year my home 10K in Manchester and the ultimate Great North Run let's go

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Every best wish to you both🌟🌟👏👏


Yes let’s! 😃👍💪

Good for you, Paul, what a great decision to take control.

So sorry to hear of your wife’s illness. But you know, getting yourself fit and healthy will help you through this and help you to support her. We will be cheering you on, every step!

All the very best to you and your wife.

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