Couch to 5K challenge.

Hello, I'm new to this, don't have any running experience. I have a beautiful 8 month old daughter but sadly you can still see pregnancy (and Christmas!) on me. So needed something quick and easy to start me off. I work in a school so will always have to be evenings I work out. Any tips and hints would really help! I never stick to any exercise regime but I really hope to stick to this! Thanks, April x


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  • Welcome, aprilbush! You'll love the programme - just stick with it and trust Laura. Evening runs are fine - just make sure you are safe, run in a well lit area, and have reflective clothing so you are seen. Invest in good running shoes (can be inexpensive, particularly with January sales!) to avoid injury. Other than that, just enjoy it. The weight loss and toned body will come later if you persevere! :)

  • You have come to the right place April and a great time to start with the weather improving and evenings getting lighter. I never ran in my life and started this programme last April, I can now run 5k and have plans to up it to 10k by the summer. You will love the podcast and it becomes addictive. Your biggest challenge might be finding time, I have young children and had to get up very early before it all kicked off In the house!! Follow the podcast religiously, do your cool down and stretches and you will be fine. And finally come on this wonderful forum for advice and help anytime. Good luck!

  • Welcome...there are loads of lovely folk on here at all stages, so you've found a great place to start!!

    I'm a fairly recent graduate, October, and hadn't run for years before I started's a fantastic programme that has got so many if us hooked on running! I would agree...a good pair of running shoes will reduce the risk of injury.

    My biggest mistake (took me a long time to get it into my head) was that sloooow and steady is the way to's all to easy to take off at a pace and push too hard in the early days, only to find yourself gasping and (worse), even if you find yourself thinking that you could walk faster, as long as you are feeling fairly comfortable and breathing is not diffcult, you are doing okay!

    Have fun on the run and let us know how you get on. :D

  • I think the main thing is to change your outlook, right now. "I never stick to any exercise regime, but I really hope to stick to this" is setting yourself up for failure. You don't quit. You don't hope. You don't try. You DO!

    Now go write "I can do this, I will do this, I am doing this" 50 times on the blackboard! ;-)

    Welcome on board. You'll do perfectly fine.

  • Lol Tomas. I had visions of Bart Simpson writing on the blackboard during the opening credits!

    And everyone is right aprilbush - this running lark is addictive. But also confidence building. Last year I got stuck in a traffic jam with the car running on fumes. My satnav told me I was a mile away from the nearest petrol station. No problem I told myself. I have my running shoes in the boot. I can do a mile. Now if you had told me that when I was at week one I would have told you you were bonkers.

    Running with Laura works. Keep at it and enjoy.

    Mary - who started C25K 40 years after leaving school.

    PS - car drifted into petrol station so I didn't need to do the run!

  • Wise words, just what I need to hear too at the moment!

  • Haha yes sir!

  • Hi April, I have a beautiful soon to be 10 yr old daughter but sadly you can STILL see pregnancy (& 10 Christmases) on me!

    Well done for addressing the issue now rather than later.

    Hits and tips? Do not sit down after work - put those running clothes on straight away and get out there. Even get them on before you leave school. Yes I know that advertises your endeavours to your colleagues but that's not a bad thing. Maybe one of them will even be inspired to go on this wonderful journey with you.

  • Hi April( and Atalya) sadly I still have pregnancy fat and my son is 26 lol!!!Seriously I work in a school,I'm 58(soon to be 59) overweight and truth be told enjoyed being on my couch. But this running millarky is more than just running.It gives a sense of achievement, a time for yourself and can be exhilarating,frustrating and rewarding. I m not a grad yet and on my 4th attempt(illness, car crash )but everyone on here has similar stories....we can do it and so can you!!!

  • I started this program when I was 50 having never run since school. It's brilliant and really works. I've been graduated 18 months and run 5K's regularly and also the odd 10K! Amaze balls. So, April, GO FOR IT!

  • You will suceed but you can't be a quitter. If you want to be healthy and slim you have to commit. You will lose weight but only if you keep running and make the change to a healthy diet

    Good luck

  • You can do it! You will do it. Post on hear reguarly and tell us about your progress he helped me to keep on track! The sense of achievement when you have finished the nhs c25k programme is amazing, you may find yourself longing for running stuff over shoes and handbags! You may need to clear space to accommodate your new hobby but to start with all you need is to get out door. Like Atalaya says make sure your kit is all out ready and waiting for you in some place you can't miss it. Good luck and enjoy your journey!

  • Hi aprila nd welcome :D the answer is yes you can do it , we all have been there at the start with doubts and fears, they soon dis appear whne you realise the program really does work :D I am 57 now and an ex smoker , i garduated in November last year :D I know it sounds corny but it really is a case of if I can you can :D

    Just listen to laura run slow and steady and slower still if needs be , it isnt a race so if you feel you need to re do a week then do so but really if you follow this you will be just fine, so good luck and keep us posted :D

  • Welcome April. Agree with all the above - you CAN do this. Just take in all the advice above. My two penn'orth (showing my age there :-) ) is make sure that along with the decent running shoes you also wear a very supportive bra.

    Also the beauty of C25k is that if you are prone to boredom during exercise you can change things, like the route you take whilst listening to the podcasts. At this time of year I am limited in my routing due to the dark and being in the country but my one weekday evening route can be done in both directions - and I change from one side of the road to the other, so I shake it up as much as I can.

    Looking forward to seeing you get your graduation badge.

  • Well done, I so wish I had discovered this after I had my kids, I had 3 stone to lose after I had my first!! You might find it easier and more energising going out at 6 in the morning. I do this as I work full time, and whilst it sounds early, you really don' t feel tired in the day.You will find this gives you an opportunity to have 'you time' so enjoy it :)

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