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Week 8 Run 1

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Those extra 3 minutes today took me right back to the early weeks when 3 minutes seemed forever.

I am finding in these last few weeks of solid running that it takes me nearly 10 mins to get into it and into a flow so then at the end im thinking 'i feel better now maybe i could do more'. Scary to think that after all these weeks. Im also hoping that now theres mores running i will notice it helping to lose some weight too. Fingers crossed πŸ˜€

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There's a week between us.πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

We will do this.

Regarding weight, I have been too scared to weigh myself since week 5, and I am also hoping to see some changes with increased distance .

Nearly there, whoda thunk it!πŸ™‚


Well done you! Keep it gentle... the toxic ten is mostly always there for some of us...my toxic ten, nearly three years on can last as long as 20 minutes or not be there at all :)

Rest day exercise is also important as these runs get longer..stamina and strength are so important:)


You're doing great πŸ‘ I'm sure w8 was the toughest of all. It will set you up well for 9 and post grad too. 😁

Well done c1air3....that feeling is perfectly normal, we all feel like that at the start of these longer runs. As Oldfloss says its known as the toxic ten, and is just your body taking on the extra oxygen it needs...if you start slowly, you can push past this and then relax into the rest of your run.

There is an older post about this here...


Onwards and upwards 😊xx

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