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W1 r2 ✅

So tonight was run 2, I still struggled , but a little less than run 1, although I did slow down a litttle this time. I think run 1 I set the treadmill way too fast for my little legs 😰 this time I managed to control my breathing a bit better , and it felt like it went so much quicker than the first one. I am enjoying it but also now questioning wether I can manage to do the full 9 weeks. Has anybody got to week 9 and not noticed much difference in the easiness of it?

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Well done Lisha. I found the 1st week the hardest psychologically as I had never run before and was so unfit. Being able to run now for 30 minutes isn't easy but so satisfying to be able to do it. The program works and will challenge your mind and body but you can do this!


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