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W5 R2 tomorrow


Hi guys, came here for the first time today to feel less alone! At the moment I never feel ready to move on to the next run but always do and have always managed so far. In fact recently I've found the last run in each session easier that the first couple, is that normal? I wondered if I should pick up the pace on the last one or is that not a good idea?

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I'm about to do Week 5, Run 1 today and at the moment feel apprehensive! Good luck with your next run! :)

Let me know how you get on :)

misswobbleGraduate in reply to LisaLanglaise

Stay slow! Slow and steady. Resist the urge to hurry up. There is absolutely no need

Slow running builds legs

SuperMouseGraduate in reply to LisaLanglaise

I did it! :) Catching you up, although very very slowly! :P

slowlee, slowlee, catchee monkee. Honestly it is far better to temper your need for speed at present, it’s much better to focus on the stamina to get through the longer intervals.

Speed work is brilliant to do and very satisfying but loads of us find that going too fast too soon can catch you out. In the sessions soon, your coaches start to tell you when you can pick up the pace - the best bit about waiting for them, is the the speed parts are introduced at a time during your runs when it’s safe to do so and your time ‘speeding’ is also limited.

But it’s superb that you’re feeling this feeling, sounds as though you’ll fly to graduation.

Well done

Seems it was a pointless question as W5R3 is just continuous running anyway isn't it? I did pick up the pace this morning though (W5R2) because it was SO wet and SO windy I was just desperate to get home. Thanks for the encouragement Super Mouse, Jancanrun and Misswobble!

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