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Just started and shocked how hard I found it!



I've just started this week and haven't really done any excrise other then waking the dog for nearly 8 months. I'm fairly shocked how hard I found it, never really liked running and always a bit worries it's going to be a struggle with my knees due to operations previously to replace cartelidge, but I always envy people who so running and always wanted to try so I hope couch to 5k will get me going!

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Agree with you I also found it hard work Also not very fit currently and concerns re impact on joints etc Think good shoes which cushioned are very helpful

Keep going as I am going to and sounds like we both in same boat right now 😜


Both of you should slow down if you are finding it difficult. This came as a revelation to me at about week 4 when I realised that 1) slow running is still running and 2) everything became so much more manageable!!


This is just my experience, but I had very sore knees before running and was really concerned running would make them worse, but I wanted to try and see. I was pleasantly surprised that the running (SLOW jogging) was easier on my knees than walking, and I now have less knee pain than ever. I am sometimes a little stiff in the knees the day after a run, especially if I didn't stretch enough, but mostly pain free. I think it's because my legs and knees are stronger than they've been in a long time. Has your doctor cleared you for running?

Just take it nice and slow! I was also very out of shape and in the beginning, I had a hard time running slow enough, and my lungs burned fiercely and I couldn't have held a conversation through any of it. My legs felt so heavy. But after a three-four weeks, I figured out my pace, my breathing settled and each week, although harder, was physically easier (less painful than the early weeks) and became more of a mental battle to keep my legs moving.

I can't say enough wonderful things about this program!! Keep at it and come here to ask questions and get encouragement. I found it helpful to read other people's posts who were ahead of me to keep me motivated that I could do this too.

Take it slowly and don’t forget to take an extra rest day of required 💪

Honestly keep at it!! I could only do half of Run 1, Wk 1 on Monday but today I pushed myself and completed it!! Take it slow and steady, re-do runs if you need to...but keep going x x


Please read the guide to the plan healthunlocked.com/couchto5... which will explain that you only need a gentle jog, at a pace at which you can carry on an unfaltering conversation. It doesn't matter if you can walk faster.

Well done on getting started, you have made a wise decision that you will not regret.

Keep us posted.


So many people have felt like this.. folk even doing the first runs near a hospital, in case they collapsed.. and yet.. here we are...:)

Did you check this post out..?


Keep posting, take it slow and steady and check these knee exercises out:)



Well done you :)

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