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Hi - am hoping some of you seasoned runners can help me out here. On Tuesday night i was abruptly woken from my slumber with horrendous cramp in my right thigh - inner muscle - the abductor? - any way all seemed fine, i did my run on Wednesday morning, etc. But last night during my yoga stretch i could not lunge forwards - it really hurt, and if i try to squeeze my thighs together tight i can feel it.

Do i need to stop and let it recover or is it just overstretched and fine to run on? I did not go out this am - because i don't want to risk an injury...

Any advise would be greatly appreciated - thanks

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Ouch! Sounds painful. I don't really know anything about thigh injuries. I just know that when my knees were painful I stopped running for a week to let them mend, which was the best thing I could have done. Good luck and I hope you mend soon. 😀

alisonxGraduate in reply to JoP61

thank you


Most of us here are not medically qualified, so we are wary about giving specific advice. Resting up, but gently stretching a few times each day might help. Remember a stretch on cold muscles needs to be gentle. Your muscles are much more supple and pliable when warm, immediately after a run, which is the best time to stretch.

If it persists, get it checked by a GP or physio.

The guide to the plan gives basic advice about injury but you may be better off going to a sports injury site for advice.

alisonxGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Thanks IannodaTruffe much appreciated

Tbae in reply to alisonx

Yes take Mentor’s advise.

Cramps awful.🙈 But as an immediate relief perhaps, and only that,🙈🤔 if you google, most are saying importance of good hydration and also take water to bed with you .🤔

And strangely at the onset try and stand on a cold tiled bathroom floor.It seems to make it pass off more quickly. 🤔

These are only temporary releliefs possibly.🤔Not a cure so get checked out as suggested.🌟👏👏


Take the sound advice of IannodaTruffe ...

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