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Entering week 9 still with dodgy groin 😳

I completed my first run of week 9 today, still dealing with issues of tightness in the groin. I haven’t been able to get to my physio due to being away a lot for work but he has given me exercises and stretches to do which I am religiously sticking to! Thing is, I can run fine for 10 minutes and then I feel the tightness. If I stop momentarily and do some lunges and stretches I can continue on my way. But I really want to do the 30 minutes without stopping, otherwise I won’t feel like I have graduated! Seeing my physio next week, but will try to complete week 9 in the meantime. I won’t celebrate though until I can do it without stopping 🙏🏻

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Gosh you are tough on yourself.

Pleased you have a temporary fix and good luck with your physio next week.

With your belief and commitment you are a winner.

Enjoy your graduation, of course you will run for 30mins but please without damaging yourself.


Thanks I am ok with stopping and stretching for now.. otherwise I just would not be able to do the full run without injuring myself.. I know I will get there and my aim is to be able to do a few 30 minute runs per week.. eventually and safely hopefully!!! ☺️


I was given a weird stretch that really helps loosen some tight ligaments around there. sort of moving down into splits whilst supporting yourself on table/ bed/ chair. great stretch but bit hard get out of !


Sounds the business Lisa! 🏃‍♀️😃


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