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I used to train for c25k in morning but found could not always stick to a routine of training at same time as there were things that cropped up that took my attention away.

Decided for me at least it was better to get up around 6:15-6:30 am as I was on my own and could go through stretching exercises etc b4 getting out around 6:45.

Always used to eat breakfast when younger but as I got older I found I was never hungry so never ate breakfast. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day but if you do not enjoy it or need it why force yourself to eat it.

Anyway I am getting away from the point. When running as yet I have not felt tired or lack of energy through lack of food.That may change as distance & speed get more. I am up to 38.5 mins running without stopping and intend to increase distance every 2 weeks not one which again suits me.

I am not I agree in a race but generally for even a 5k run they say you should eat a light breakfast 1-2 hours b4 you run or a snack minimum 30 mins b4 you run. They suggest Granola bars Bananas etc. That means eating a breakfast at 4:15 or waking up and eating a banana etc as soon as I wake at 6:15 the latest )-: ,I could not stomach that.

Also they say drink 16-20 fl oz water b4 you run, again 2 hours b4 you run. Do not know how many of you have had a blood test but you had to drink about the same 1 pint of water I think an hour b4 the teat. I found it almost impossible to drink that amount in such a short amount of time and it left me bloated.

The point is do you really need to fuel your body b4 running? some say no need to fuel your body on a 5 or even a 10 k run as body has enough energy to last that amount. How do other members cope with eating b4 running if they get up really early.

I have go absolutely no proof but I suspect there is a lot of advertising by manufactures of energy bars & drinks that have conditioned us to believe we must eat & drink their products or fail in out quest. Also read others that say just plain water is all you need.

I know absolutely nothing as never had a an energy bar or drink so really interested from you that have had them if they really work. If so how long b4 you train do you consume them and what type do you have. I am not talking about a 1/2 or full marathon as I suspect that is a different kettle of fish,jsy mostly 5k and even 10k.

If I do not get back to you I wish you all a happy Xmas & a happy new year.Eat well,drink well and then train harder!! That is my plan.

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I've never fueled-up for my c25k runs because they are too short for it to affect anything. Don't drink anything before running as I don't want a water balloon sloshing around in my gut. I do take lots of water, snacks and energy bars (peanuts in toffee, apple pemmican jerky (apple), museli bars) with me if I go hiking and re-fuel every couple of hours/500 calories expenditure, mainly because I am far from home and don't want to get the knock/bonk out in the middle of nowhere. Don't use energy drinks, just water.


Hi dindy

I am an early morning runner (6:20am). I am running around 30 mins, sometimes more to hit 5k, and I don't eat beforehand. I do have a coffee and a glass of water though. Never had a problem with energy running 5k with no breakfast, but we are all different! So it is about finding what is right for you.

As for hydration, I drink plenty of water all day, even on non-running days, which helps. I always have a good breakfast containing protein after my post-run shower - eggs or porridge with quinoa.

This works for me! I could never run so quickly after eating, and am not getting up any earlier than my current 5:45 start, that's for sure!

Merry Xmas and a very happy running new year!

Sadie-runs x


Most people should be ok with running those sort of distances without eating before hand. It’s nice too to have breakfast when you get home in my view.


Half (5K) or full (10K) banana with a sip of water enough for me. I eat afterwards. For 15K l only have a banana and make sure l hydrate well a day before. With water, not beer.


Thanks for your info.It sounds like no need generally for a 5k run. I think out of curiosity I will try some of those granola bars next time we go shopping. I do need to drink more water overall and must get into a habit of filling up a glass with water rather than T or coffee,which I have cut down to almost nil,coffee that is.


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