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C25k and a duathalon

Ok so 5 weeks ago I started c25k. I'm not the fittest but used to cycle to work! I set an ambitious goal to complete a duathalon in 12 weeks! 7 weeks to go now. I've cut down my 5k time from 28.36 (week 3) to 25.10 (week 5) my cycling of 20km has been cut down to 38 minutes! Next week I will start putting a short run and then a cycle together. (Merging c25k and British heart foundation duathalon training programme!) my running has improved no end! I train alone early in the morning with the dog on runs and a once a week evening cycle. Doing the park run has massively built my confidence and speed! Even if you walk the whole thing I recommend doing it.

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So how do you do c25k if you are already running 5k? You're hardly on the couch either if your cycling 20km at a time :P


Week one I couldn't! I was puffed after 1 minute! It's been great for getting me up to 5k. In the 30minute training I go about 3.5-4km with the walks but it's increasing gradually. Doing the park runs are the only time I've completed the 5k.


I guess that show's how much of a mental game it is if you can run 25min 5k's at park run but struggle when following the app.. weird eh. Good luck with the duathlon though, maybe join the marathon and race taring forum on here, I think there is one other duathlete around.


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