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Beautiful Burgundy. Week 1 revisited


So here we are in beautiful Burgundy on a small holiday. Rather than waste the time, we thought we would pick up C25K. There have been interruptions along the wayso we started week 1 again. We chose a route along the side the Canal du Nivernais, starting where we are styling in a small village called Merry-sur-Yonne. My wife and I ran together at her pace, which I found difficult as I am normally faster. But the runs were good and we are back home next week, so I can resume my own pace. Don't want to come home though........

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I don’t blame you! Sounds like such fun! 👍🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️

Lucky you! Sounds like a lovely run. Hope you settle into a good routine before coming back to our chilly climes!


Hi Rumour

I got back last Sunday from Burgundy where I also ran alongside the Canal du Nivernais! We were staying at my sister in law’s near the village of Moulins Engilbert. It was perishing while we were there! Nice countryside though

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