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Mixed emotions !

Good evening all!

W3 R3 complete and feeing good for it 😁

Next run is Sunday, attempting W4R1. Not sure how I feel about this 😏 definitely ready for the next challenge just not sure how I will get on.... I guess time will tell! 😳 I keep thinking that I will never make 5k EVER, but then 4 weeks ago I hadn’t run in about 8 years, so I guess there’s hope yet!! 🙄😊

Have a good weekend and happy running all! 🏃‍♀️


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Trust the plan that has worked for millions and believe in your amazing body which is developing with every run.

I wrote this for doubters………..positivity


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You feel awesome.... that is all :) Slow and steady as you move on.. you will be fine:)

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Don't worry about what is yet to come. Just look at each run as you get to them. You've got this... you just need to believe in yourself a little 👍😁

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