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W5R2 done... mixed emotions for next run

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Just back from running. Enjoyed today’s running and strava says I achieved some PBs today for 1km, half mile, 2 miles etc which is all good news.

Up until now, I genuinely looked forward to the next run with loads of excitement. Can’t say the same for the next one now, mixed emotions for Wednesday’s run as it is going to be for 20mins!!

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Brilliant well done you...consider this a "virtual" high five!

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ranalite in reply to Sciencesue

🙋🏻 done :)

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No problem.. you are ready for it... one slow step in front of the other:) Well done you!

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ranalite in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you.

I have seen how much time you take to motivate others in this forum. Thank you so much for doing that, it means a lot for us newbies

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to ranalite

That is kind... I love my role on here, and get a lot of pleasure running with folk... and fitting my own runs in too :)

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you go for it and as old floss says " gently gently". For me that run was the best. " What me running for whole 20 mins? Oh yeah!!

Oh don’t worry! We have all been petrified of that one and nearly everyone does it first time!If not, wait a day n give it another go, no big deal. Just pace yourself and if you are flagging, slow down a bit! You will do great! Best of luck!

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Well done and you are ready for it, you've done all the prep work with the runs you've done so far.

Slow and steady and you'll be fine

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