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Soggy first Week 9 run

Well decided to treat myself to some new running leggings and finally found some that met all my criteria - ie a little pocket somewhere as struggling with securing my phone about my person.

So, set out, popped my phone in the back pocket (hidden in the back waistband) and then spent the next 30 minutes fighting gravity. Hitching my pants up every few minutes in fear of inadvertently ‘mooning’ someone. 😩🙈😂

Not quite the look I was going for. So, belt or armband - which would get your vote???

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Personally, I’ve always used an arm band and never had any issues. Approx £3 from Amazon so I’d imagine cheaper than a belt? Good luck!


Liz x


I’ve just got a belt off Amazon. It was about £7 I think. Did this after a complete fail where everything flew out of my pockets! Tried it today and it worked brilliantly! Car keys and phone with no falling down. Only slight hitch is if, for whatever reason you need to get at your phone (Michael had stopped talking to me) it is a bit of a faff. Other than that would recommend

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I’ve been using a belt. It was around a tenner and it’s great, I don’t even think about it when I’m running. Doesn’t slip, and I get my keys in there too. No mooning!

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