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First ParkRun / Week 9 run 1 Done !

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Ran in my first 5k Park Run today ( as part of my Week 9 ) and it was FUN ! 101 runners around a tough circuit that included, Grass, Hills, Mud, Gravel and Woodland paths !! Totally different from the usual Road Running and Treadmills and a little more tougher on the legs!! Got round in 30.55 minutes which I was pleased with considering I was a little nervous. New experience running with others and trying to manage your speed, eg going at your pace and not everyone else's !! Managed to do that most of they way and even overtook a couple of people along the way. Thanks to all the runners and the amazing Volunteers of the Corby ParkRun team ..Great Job in organising everything so well and see you next week !!

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Fantastic news! I'm so so looking forward my my first park run (and a proper time on the internet!) but I'm a few weeks off yet. Sounds like sooo much fun :-)

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Hi Snowgoose You will love it, keep going , you will be there before you know it !! To be honest it was a nice feeling seeing your name on the internet confirming that you had just ran 5k ! Something for you to look forward to. I will keep an eye out for your post !!

What are you doing now you've graduated? Will you continue on to longer distances or just stick at 5k? X

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Hi Chris, Great time and glad you enjoyed it. I did my first parkrun yesterday in Taunton and it does have a great atmoosphere. I know what you mean about seeing your official result, I got email confirming out of 176 runners I was the 44th female, I thought that can't be bad but looked at the list and I am 141 down LOL!! Still unperturbed shall do another soon. Does wonders for your confidence!! Good look with the rest of your week 9 and your shiny, well deserved graduation badge.:)

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notbadGraduate in reply to carole01

No that's good Carole, we women aren't as fast as the guys we have more slow twitch muscles, they have more fast twitch, it's a biological fact - so we shouldn't measure ourselves against them. 44th woman is fab, well done you! :-)

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carole01Graduate in reply to notbad

Thank you and Chris is right!! The achievement of completing the programme and getting to this stage is fantastic! Well done everybody and all new starters - you will do it too! :)

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Snap - I did my first parkrun yesterday too. Was only suppose to run 28 mins (w8) but felt good and finished 32:54.

Well done

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Well done guys !! I know we are talking about times and places etc but the reality is..who would have thought we could be running 5K non stop at the start our our C25k Program !!?? It should be inspiration for anyone who might be finding it tough in the early weeks. Keep going it CAN be done !

Well done to all you first-timers - and congratulations to you all on such brilliant times!

Sounds like you had fun a great time(minutes) too Chris! glad you enjoyed it! Our parkrun has been on a smooth tarmac path for last couple of months due to the rain, so when it returns to the original venue next week i'm sure it will be much harder! Its nice runners with others i find :)

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Well done you... The volunteers have fun too so do consider giving that a whirl too one day if you fancy...

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