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Adductor pain.. any suggestions?

I posted before about thigh pain.. just completed week 7 run 2 today, was a bit hard going and just towards the end I got the same pain in the right thigh/groin area. It’s a bit sore to the touch from the knee up,but not overly so! I had been doing some foam rolling and stretches as per previous suggestions but I am so afraid this is going to cause me to quit and I sooooo don’t want to do that!!! It wasn’t agony but it was uncomfortable enough to make he not enjoy the run. Anyone offer my help/ advice? Anything greatly appreciated!!!

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Hard to say... extra rest and any chance you can get a sports massage? Makes a huge difference and they'll be better able to see what's going on. 🤞

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While you are resting, Go to Discover in your account page press, then press communities and scroll through and press a community that just might be shared with persons experiencing identical symtoms and their remedies.👏👏

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Go and get it checked out... a Sports Physio is the place to start:)


Definitely extra rest days and professional advice. Don't be tempted to go out again in case you make it worse.


Try not to over-stride, ensuring that the feet land in line with the torso (not ahead of it), in addition to maintaining focus upon improving endurance as opposed to speed; only once a solid running base is developed can attention turn to developing speed.

On non-running days, work upon improving flexibility and strength of the hips, core (particularly the lower lumbar region), legs and feet. As much as you may stretch the adductors, attention ought to be paid to the piriformis (a deep lying muscle located beneath the gluteus).

To stretch the piriformis, simply stand side on to a wall and cross the leg over the knee furthest from the wall, allowing the ankle to rest upon it. Once in position, simply bend the knee furthest from wall, allowing a satisfying stretch to be felt in the base of the buttock/top of the thigh.

Additionally, since adductor and abductor muscles work antagonistically, also focus upon improving the strength and flexibility of your adductors. To do so, lie upon your side with knees bent and ankles touching. Once in position, proceed to raise the upper leg away (keeping both knees bent), allowing the sole of the left foot to eventually rest upon the inner arch of right (think of a clam shell), before returning to the starting position. After ten reps, simply swap sides.

If body weight feels too light, difficulty can be increased by wrapping a resistance band around both knees.


Many thanks for that great advice MrNiceGuy! Will definitely do those exercises starting from today 😄


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