Adductor pains anyone?

From week 7 I have really struggled with aches and pains which I think I've manage to pin down to adductor muscles. I'm now on Tuesday night following a Saturday parkrun and legs still ache. They were fairly uncomfortable before I started the run and after I finished I could barely walk!

Has anyone else struggled with similar at this stage and how long do you give it for the muscles to recover?, days or weeks?


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12 Replies

  • Do you, and I hesitate to say, think you may have pushed a tad too hard... and especially after your Park run...?

    Maybe it is just a result of the run...but, you say you felt uncomfortable before and they were worse after...?

    You seem from your past posts to have had a few is probably time to get things checked out... running through pain is never a good plan... aches are quite a visit to a GP or Sports Physio could be sensible at this point.

  • I'm tempted to call doc but I think I may have pushed too hard on a previous run and not given enough time to recover. What would be sensible, a few days, a week, a few weeks?. I can just imagine going to the docs and telling him I've started running and now my legs are uncomfortable and just getting a look of "what did you expect?"

  • The thing is... we just don't know... I had a calf injury.. did all the right, by the book, self treatment and rested for over a week... then it recurred... twelve days rest.. felt fine, tow gentle runs and then ping... again... saw a Sports Physio ... it was a tear in the calf muscle....after treatment and careful building back schedule... just off the IC now !

    Better to maybe get it checked.... than end up worse? Is there a walk-in Physio you could visit... ? They know what they are doing and are able to give you sensible advice... you could get a referral to go and see a Physio from the GP ?

  • Thanks oldfloss, I'll call the walk in physio tomorrow even if it's just to pick their brains. The injury bit is really frustrating, I wasn't really expecting it yet.

  • Great.... it is frustrating, really...but it will set your mind at rest... :)

    Keep us posted please?

  • I pulled my adductor muscle in March and was on the IC for 3 months. It was agony!

    I have a physiotherapist friend who gave me a few stretching exercises. It would be worth your while at least seeing a physiotherapist.

    I hope it doesn't take you three months! But it will take as long as it takes, you won't have choice - if it's the adductor it's takes time.

  • I had some kind of adductor strain a few months ago (not doing the c25k but I had upped my mileage a fair bit). I found a few stretches to do but it seemed to go on it's own whilst I was away on holiday in flat area (still ran though). So maybe avoid hills, if you can. A physio probably will be much more helpful than a gp for professional advice though.

  • I have a recurring issue with my right adductor, it dates back almost thirty years to the pregnancy / birth of my first child. When it really flares up, I stop running and see the sports physio. For general management I use a set of stretches for it, the simplest is to lie on your back, to stretch the right abductor put your right foot on your left thigh and then use your hands to pull your right knee further over your left leg. Another is to stand side on to a small kerb or small step with the affected leg on the step, legs apart and locked. I also use a foam roller on it. When it's particularly niggly I run with a groin support (the sort that wraps round your upper thigh as well as your abdomen).

  • I'll try those, the walk in physio didn't go brilliantly as no appointment slots until end of October.....think it'll either be fixed or wrecked by then!

  • Oh dear!!!!

    Any chance of a one off visit to a Sports Physio...I went to a local one, ( make sure they are registered and accredited..) and it cost me £40.... first appointment was assessment and first treatment? (subsequent appointments, cost varies..but below £40.00) .

    Asking on the forum ( Bridge to 10K) that was a reasonable price... it was, I have to say, well worth it... for the peace of mind as much as anything.

    I know I was a bit apprehensive about it all, even though for me, thankfully cost was not an issue, but I felt it was the right decision. For me, not just because of being able to run, that was bad enough... it was just because I am older, I did not want to remain crocked!!!

    I hope this sorts for you!

  • Ok I did get phone appointment with the doc who said take ibruprofen and not run until pain has gone!.

    That's been a long 3 weeks but I think I'm ready to give it another go. I have bought compression shorts to see if they help this time and will try a warm up program.

    Question is where do I restart?, I feel I've lost my mojo completely. I was about to go into w9r1, do I go back a few weeks?,start again?, or just have a few gentle runs outside the program?

  • This still haunts me so have an appointment with a sports physio tomorrow. Hopefully have some answers.

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