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Ist post graduation run, 1st running injury!


There was me, thinking that by following the plan, and with more luck than I had expected, I was rather pleased not to have had any injury set-backs. So I go off today, in the rain, enthusiastic to consolidate. Just another 30 minutes, with all the advice taken on board about not trying to do too much.

Feeling good, but resisting any temptation to try to go faster, all was good until I got to a section [the only section] with a bit of an uphill gradient. Halfway up the slope - whoops - a bit of tightness in my left calf. Rightly or wrongly I kept going, slowing up [from my already slow pace]. Once I'd reached the top of the slope It didn't feel bad at all, so I carried on to finish my 30 minutes.

It's so disappointing right at this point - maybe a sign of how easy it can be to get an injury [although that seems a bit of an overstatement for such a minor problem].

Now, sitting down, I'm fine. But I know it's there when I get up, though obviously some movement is needed or it will cease up all the more, I suspect.

So what to do? Rest, obviously; anything else which will help quickest possible recovery so I can get back to my 5k objective?

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It doesn't sound desperately bad, but still disappointing. Rest up, maybe foam roller and ice.

You're definitely a real runner now and will soon be back.

Take care.n


As IannodaTruffe says, rest up... roll and stretch well..


Take notice of the twinge though.. if it persists don't run through real pain.. and get it checked by a Sports physio..:)

We can do everything correctly and still get problems. as I well know:)


1. Rest, as you know

2. Keep ot moving: some easy walks

3. Swimming is very good hydrotherapy, but pay attention to different kind of movements and how they make you feel

4. Foam roller or massage

5. Gentle stretches

6. Depending on your body and injury hot bath or ice pack. If it's inflammed --> ice pack. If it's kind of too stretched issue / tiredness --> hot bath

7. Anti inflammatory topical gels, e.g. Voltaren

Hope you will get better soon.

I had a similar niggle and took extra rest days, then ran slower and shortened my stride, stretched carefully and eventually it did go ☺️


Thanks for the helpful comments. It's feeling a lot better already, so not serious, but I'll heed all the advice and should be [literally] up and running very soon.

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