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Week 5 Done!

Week 5 Done!

I frickin dreaded today, the 20” straight run. In prep, on day 1 I ran the 5” then when it said to walk I ran through that and ran the other 5”. So I ran 13” straight. Walked then ran last 5”. Treadmill btw at 4.5. This was Mon

Wed. ran 16”, ran through break.

Today, ran 2 miles, 24” straight at 1.0 incline for half, zero for rest

I don’t think I could have done today without this prep. When I started I couldn’t jog 1”, seriously. First few weeks were BRUTAL. This program works. I’m just gonna run 25” each session until week 8, where I’ll bump up to 30”.

More than happy to chat with anyone for support.

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Are you running on a different programme because I don't think those timings are what I've been running to. Well done on 20 mins straight though!


Thx! The app is Zenlabs Fitness C25K. I’ve seen others posting about the W5D3 dreaded 20” run. FYI, W6D1 is 10/3/10.


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