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Post run yoga - what do you think?

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Hello there!

Ok so I'm no expert on stretching.

I've been looking at stretches recommended after running. Although I always stretch I don't enjoy stretching the "traditional" way and think perhaps yoga could do the trick?

For those of you out there who are more experienced stretch wise, what do you think of this post run yoga routine? In your opinion is it sufficient?

I've been doing it for a while now and I don't suffer from any pains and feel great but I was wondering if it's enough/good?

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These are good, however I'd advise anyone who doesn't do yoga to take care not to overdo the stretches.

I need to spend a fair bit of time doing stretches after my run. My routine when I get in, is I stand about in my kitchen doing the traditional stretches - holding onto the worktops and drinking a glass of water and making a cuppa while I stretch.

I do these (except 1 and 6):

Then tea over, I go through to my yoga mat, where the first pose I do is Reclined Big Toe pose: (like number 1 in the previous list) for the hamstrings.

I'll then do Downward Facing Dog, and Runner's Lunge's as in your video.

Pigeon Pose is a great pose to do (super for the muscles attached to the IT band and one I've practised a LOT recently), but it's an intense pose and I need to do other hip stretches first.

I do Eye of the Needle and Cow Face poses before going into Half Pigeon Pose:

After this I'll do maybe one or two other standing poses all of which help my very tight hamstrings.

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GizelelezigGraduate in reply to swanscot

Great, I'll give it a try next time to see how it feels.


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Good grief! I think I'll just stick to my water and a nice sit down, until I get a bit more fit and then work on getting bendy.

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GizelelezigGraduate in reply to Norni

Héhé. I can't run without stretching afterwards or else I ache for days.

love it!

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