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W3R2: smashed it!

Went out running in the snow and wind today with the beanie hat and thermal socks on, Run 1 this week was tough I was sucking for air at the end of it, even though I was consciously slowing my pace right down. Today I was on the last 3 minute run and just started daydreaming looking at a point in the distance, I think this helps as it keeps my mind off my breathing and my body then sort of chooses the optimal breath technique, checked my watch and I was 2.30 into the last run and wasn't even out of puff! feeling great, to echo what everyone else says it's mad to think at the end of week 1 I really pushed myself to do a 1.30 run for the last one and was absolutely shattered.

Going to get myself some cheap running shoes for next week as I think I've crossed the threshold of getting enough reward out of running to not want to stop

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Hi. Well done! Just the usual advice for the shoes... make sure you get a gait analysis done first. Most sports shops will do them, and for free so don’t pay. My new balance trainers were in the sale at £26 (reduced from £45 because they are a very bright shade of pink!) so no need to spend a fortune. Good luck!🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

Liz x


Well done on going out, this weather is certainly a test of character and grit. get your gait checked before making an investment in the shoes - no point in spending any money if they don’t do your feet any good...

Happy running next time out


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