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Week 7 run 1

So this is the second time of running continuously for 25 minutes. This was hard today. Even when I had run only 5 minutes I ached. And couldn’t wait for it to end. But as always I got through it. I got to a point in my run when I was thinking hold on surely I have run the 25 minutes and I looked at my phone and it had paused on 5 minutes left. I only knew this cos I had gone past the point of knowing it would be a lot less than a 5 minute walk home lol. Oh well.

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Well done you... have you kept it slow and steady ? Just had a peek at your Strava info.. and you are speedy :)

There is no great need for speed at this stage...and pulling back and really relaxing into the longer runs can be very enjoyable... Make really sure you are warmed up well, especially in this very cold weather.. my warm up walk lasted twenty minutes this morning:)

The whole journey is meant to be fun... and although we are all so different, think enjoyment not endurance:)

Onward and upward my friend:)


It's getting past that initial toxic phase that's the hardest part.

You did it though, you hung in there! Well done. 👍💪🌟😁

I'm bursting to get out and start w7 but on rest day till tomorrow 👎😔


Tech issues are very frustrating, but you did the run and that is amazing in this chilly weather.

Well done and good luck in the freeze

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