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W9R2 - getting there!

After a week when I couldn't run - not that I had anything wrong with me, only because I was away on a short break and luggage limitations prevented taking my running gear - I ran the 30 mins of w9r2. It was hard work after w9r1 when I really felt pretty good, but as I feared, a week layoff and excess consumption was noticable. If there was anything good about it, it would be that I plodded on believing, after the first 10 minutes, that I could [probably] do it.

So, weather permitting, I should graduate in the next day or two!

I do intend to keep going and will initially aim to consolidate the 30 minutes and increase my slow place somewhat. I know that it's been put on here many times before, but any place to for advice would be appreciated to:

1) get my graduate badge,

2) consolidate and improve my speed up to a respectable [to me!] level and

3) meet my long trem goal of 5k for a park run and, very likely, a sponsered run

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First things first - get your grad badge (after your W9R3) here: healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

Post-graduation advice here: healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

I just increased my distance very slowly (on one run a week) to hit 5K. For more increases, just make sure you follow the 10% rule (in the FAQ post!). As for improving speed, I wouldn't know :) but people say running further slowly will improve your shorter runs's times, plus things like intervals can make a difference. There's more in that FAQ post.

Anyway start with your badge and some consolidation of 30 mins :) - and a pre-emptive congrats!

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Lovely - thanks

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